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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Life have been so hectic recently that I kinda lost myself...
All I know was that "you" have been always on my mind.
But I am very tired, tired of working, tired of trying to keep up, tired of thinking about you...

Can you just tell me, can I love you?

♥ Nino & Sho ♥ 18:33
Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I can't remember when was the last time that I blog here anymore. It's very long ago, I guess.
2010 ended, marking not just an end for 2010, but also the end between me and Delta. I was finally relieved from Delta. Honestly speaking, I never had anything that is even worth me remembering with Delta. Not a single. My memories of fond are with Northwest. Apparently, I do not even feel any sense of belonging throughout 2010. It's nothing to do with Delta. It's not the company's fault. It's more of the management in my office here in Singapore only. It's a total different story for those working in the US with Delta. I like Delta, but I love Northwest. I was really really proud to be part of Northwest. Deep within me, I hoped that Northwest never merged with Delta, never... ... ...

But life goes on... and I am moving on...
I will be working with Apple Inc after Chinese New Year. New environment, new challenges. And I think I have a very cute Australian manager. LOL

My new year resolution for 2011 [I know I am very late for new year resolutions!] would be to my very own property - new house. I have already found it, just waiting for my new salary slip to get the loan approved.

And I ain't giving up on Arashi! I will still keep it a promise between me and Arashi [my wishful part of thinking... LOL] to go to their concert every year, even though it cost S$1200 per ticket. Oh well...So yeah, I will be visiting Tokyo at least twice this year as well.

Lastly, something which I wanna get off my chest : Stupid Choon! I LIKE YOU LAH!!! =P

♥ Nino & Sho ♥ 23:37
Thursday, 1 July 2010

My WORST nightmare came true last Thursday when Germany came in 1st in their Qualifying Groups while England became 2nd due to the last minute goal from USA. USA had been getting into England's way twice! First, moron Green mistake by letting a goal IN, resulting in a DRAW, which should have been a 3 points WIN for England. Second, the 91st minute goal from USA against Algeria! If it had not been that goal, England would have come in 1st in their Qualifying Groups and face Ghana instead of Germany in the 16 Rounds. Conculsion :

I do not bear any grudge against Germany when they won against England. Afterall, you just gotta admit they are better at the ball than compare to England. I have watch Germany kick too much that I knew that England would only have the slimiest chances to win against them. As I knew England too well as well. These 2 national teams have always been my favourite even though I knew clearly that England always will have the No.1 place in my heart and Germany is No.2. Therefore, I was still hoping ... ... ....

But the hope was completing CRUSHED with that equalizer goal from Frank Lampard being DENIED when the ball was already WAY OVER THE LINE. That referee was BLIND! Or rather all 3 referees were BLIND and they all deserve to DIE! This game became the most humiliating game in England's football history, with as much as 3 goals behind! The GOLDEN ERA is over. England have improved, but JUST NOT there yet. They still have more to overcome.

I have no comments on Fabio Capello, whether he stays or leaves. What I have hoped was to have David Beckham as England's future coach. Oh yesh! I totally LOVE that to happen! He is , afterall, what makes England so special - Beckham.

Little loving scene from one of my favorites Germany player, Bastian Schweinsteiger. *** You have a very GERMAN last name, and it's very HARD to spell! xDDDD ***
He ran up the stands to his girlfriend for a VICTORY KISS and pass the Lampard's jersey to her. =)

Best of LUCK to Germany against Argentina in their next round! ^O^

♥ Nino & Sho ♥ 09:42
Sunday, 13 June 2010

Arashi's Concert Dates are like finally out! ^O^

Arashi 10-11 Tour
Kokuritsu : 21st & 22nd August
3rd & 4th September

Osaka Dome : 29th, 30th & 31st October

Sapporo Dome : 13th & 14th November

Tokyo Dome : 19th, 20th & 21st November

Nagoya Dome : 4th & 5th December

Fukuoka Dome : 15th & 16th January

I will definitely be going for Kokuritsu & Tokyo Dome!!! And I am going twice to Kokuritsu! xDDDD

Agnes is so GONNA be BUSY!

♥ Nino & Sho ♥ 11:40

Jay's World Tour... Love the Q version merchandise alot! xDDD
Especially the towel! Seems like I have to run to the Indoor Stadium to get it after work! xDDD
Oh yesh! I am so GONNA do that! And I will have to buy 2 pcs!
Just adores TOWELS! Arashi should have towel again this year!

By the way, here are the concert goods...

♥ Nino & Sho ♥ 11:23
Sunday, 9 May 2010

I think I had a CRUSH on that Japanese guy!

Chodo YABAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And he dress until so KAKKOII [Handsome] everyday! How can I resist that?
And he is totally so Nino-alike!
And he told me I was dressing so KAWAII everyday!

I am so dying when I go to work everyday! This is a TORTURE!

Someone please help ME!

I am DEAD! ><"

♥ Nino & Sho ♥ 00:37
Thursday, 29 April 2010

Sorry I haven't been updating my blog very often anymore. ><"
Nothing much or special happen to me recently.
Just life, work and the thing that never fails to keep me going : ARASHI!

I certainly need to go watch IronMan II.
So I need to go find my constant movie partner! xDDD

Just came back from Japan on the 13th April. For those who didn't know, check my FaceBook for the pictures. ^O^
Next trip will be in July. Still considering if I should go for KAT TUN Concert or not... Arashi is still priority! But so far no news at all regarding their concert this year. I am hoping for an AAA. And my guess is that it will be an AAA, cause it is TIME to have one already! Johnny san, please come and take away my MONEY!!!!
I must be crazy! But I am happy!

And my office came a CUTE Japanese guy!!! He is only 166cm in height! Same as my pathetic NINO! But he looks real CUTE! He is 31, and yet he looked as if he is 21... ><" How unfair this world is! I totally wanted to jump off the building when I knew that he is 31! Or rather, I should push him down the building! Wahahahaa!

I just so SWEAR to myself that when 2011 Sping is here, I will be going for NINO's GANTZ movie PREMIERE! I will fly to Tokyo specially for Nino!
And I am waiting for my FC Pamphlet No.48 to arrive!

I have no plans of going anywhere... ><"
I am addicted to Tokyo already! I am so GONE!

♥ Nino & Sho ♥ 20:06
Saturday, 13 March 2010

Been wanting a new phone ever since before Chinese New Year?!?!
Totally disappointed with Samsung! So SWEAR that I will never buy a phone from them anymore! 3 Samsung phones which I owned have the same problem! Ribbon problem! Whether is it flip phone or slide phone. Urrrgghhh!!!

So finally! I went to the IT Show 2010 at Suntec City, Singapore yesterday to buy a new phone, from Sony Ericsson.

Model : Sony Ericsson Vivaz
Official Launch Date : 13th March 2010
Price : S$899

Vivaz was being debut on the IT Show 2010 on the 11th March. Official launch date for this model in Sony Ericsson Shop is 13th March.
I am one of the first few to own the phone before it was official launched.

Very satisfied with this phone, until now.... lolx!
I only own it for less than 24hours.... ><"

Oh well... it is going to be Arashi-theme for this phone as well. Kekeke!

♥ Nino & Sho ♥ 13:17
Saturday, 27 February 2010

******* SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!! ******

Let the picture do all the saying! xDDDD

Yes, Agnes's very own Arashi FC Card! It's so kakkoi ne!
After so many years of "fangirling", from Backstreet Boys, A1 to F4, 5566 until Click Five, this is the first time that I loved a boyband so much that I wanted to be in their Official FanClub. I guess it's hard to get over Arashi ne!

And my AAA+ in Dome Pamphlet and LE DVD. Finally I have got it...
Haven't find the time to flip through the pamphlet yet.
And I have got the AAA PhotoBook to screen through as well...
Ohh... I am getting busy ne!


And yesh! Troublemaker Single will be out on 3rd March!
I can't watch to see more of their performance of that single, coz the dancestep is so kawaii, boyish, gay??!! lolx

♥ Nino & Sho ♥ 18:34
Sunday, 21 February 2010

I am suppose to get my Arashi FC Membership Card next week...
YATTA!!! Finally it's coming!

Found out my FC Card Number : A00625807....

How "front" I am ne! Already 625,000 ++ members! They only had 330,000 members during their TIME Concert in September 2007. I wonder if I can get any tickets with an account number so far back... * sighs *

♥ Nino & Sho ♥ 12:01
Saturday, 13 February 2010

12th Feb 2010...
Music Station 1000th Episode Special, Arashi performed both "TroubleMaker" and "Yurase Ima Wo", which is awesome! Even though Sho wasn't around, as he is currently in Vancouver reporting the Olympics, but they did something to "incorporate" Sho into it, which is amazing!
Especially the last part when they did the shoulder dance! Ii kanji na to omoimasu!
You can totally feel the chemistry and bond between those boys. ^O^

And my surprise was Backstreet Boys performing as well! It's had been so long since I last seen them, probably around 2 years already. And their new song " Straight Through My Heart" was so good that it totally brought me back to the 90s, when the best music was made! The music nowadays, I don't even pay much attention to it anymore... But still, it shows that Backstreet Boys is still Backstreet Boys!
It never fail to bring a smile on my face whenever I hear the familiar melody of the 90s. Afterall, I grew up listening to their songs, crying over those lyrics... Those were the best days of the English Pop!

Life is pretty much so far so good. Been busy everyday... but I feel fulfilled!
Tokyo, I am coming again in Early April!
I am here to feel Spring! I am here for more Shopping! For more Arashi!

Happy Chinese New Year, minna!

♥ Nino & Sho ♥ 23:24
Friday, 22 January 2010

1st post for 2010! =)

It's almost 11.30pm now. And I do not have to work tomorrow! Ureshii katta ne~
Just finished Nino's Drama SP - Tengoku de Kimi ni Aetara.
Literally translated into English will be " If I see You in Heaven "...
It's a story based on a book written by a cancer patient before his death.
A story about what people would wanna do most before they actually leave his world... The things they wished to express to their loved ones.
But of course, the main point is Nino & Mao as husband and wife is chou kawaii! Demo ne, their scene is abit too little ne! I wanted more of them!!! ^O^
Something which caught my eyes is this! Hahaha!
I was getting all excited when I saw it! Nino flown to Guam, Saipan to send the letter on behalf of his patient after he passed away.

I wonder if JNN did return the copyrights to my beloved NWA? xDDDD

I'll missed NWA ne.... Now that we are known as Delta.
I was glad that I purchase those 2 tiny NWA plane keychain at Narita Airport last December.
It will be a momento for me. And my neck strap from NWA, which I could not bear to use it at all. As it have a tiny NWA plane model attached to it, which I thought was cute.

Arashi 5x10 Concert have finally ended on the 17th Jan in Nagoya. After 5 long months... ...
Well, now I am looking forward to their 11th year concert tour.
And one more thing, I am in Arashi FC!!!! YATTA ne! Hopefully I can ballot for their upcoming concerts. =)

And something which I was very glad to know was that the concert charms doesn't represent any of the Arashi members! Because the Nagoya Dome Charm - Orange Colour, came bombarding out of nowhere! Everyone thought that it was going to be Jun's color : Pastel Purple.
I was very disappointed indeed! But oh well... I will just stick to the current colors, which basically means YELLOW for NINO! And PINK FOR SHO! Still safekeeping it for the meantime, until my PRADA Sling Bag arrives.... ^O^
NINO goes with PRADA! Even though NINO is a real cheapskate! lolx xDDD

That's all for now!
Btw, I am addicted to "Troublemaker"!!
Arashi when is your new single coming out?!?!
And yesh, the 5x10 Concert DVD as well... ...

Zutto matteru! ^O^

♥ Nino & Sho ♥ 23:15
Sunday, 27 December 2009

4 more days and it's the end of 2009....
Looking back, how good was this year???

Not bad, I would say.
H1N1 got me disappointed and tarnished my trip to Tokyo in May, which result in me giving a miss to my 1st Kat-Tun Concert. Then finally manage to go to Tokyo in August. But missed Arashi's Kokuritsu Concert due to some stewpid gastrics. Seriously, what good is Raffles Hospital when the medicine doesn't even make me at least feel better! I am not asking for miracles!
Some families problem here and there. And it's all about $$$. In the end, I spend a LUMP SUM of money just to get my name cleared! And I will never ever ever let anyone use my name for properties unless it's my own possession!
Finally something good happen at the end of the year. I made it to Arashi Concert in Tokyo Dome. =) An amazing night which until now, I still feel surreal.
A reward for myself after 1 year of hardwork would be my Prada Wallet. I am aiming at the Sling Bag from either Prada or Chanel.... **** grins! ****
Did some simple mathematics to find out that I spend S$1500 on Arashi this year. xDDDD
S$1500 for the concert tickets, concert merchandise, CDs, DVDs, magazines..........
Wonder how much would it be for next year ne???!!
Certainly need a "Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme"!!!

Now looking forward to 2010....
There are definitely a couple of things which I wanna make it come true!

Wishlist 2010 :
* More of Arashi Concert! xDDD
* More shopping in Tokyo!
* My Europe trip [London, Paris & Berlin]
* More OKANE!!!!

I guess I shouldnt be greedy! xDDDD

♥ Nino & Sho ♥ 11:13

Agnes Bragging Arashi Post! xDDDD

Below are translated from Tokyography :

Oricon's year-end sales rankings for 2009 are out, and the results confirm that Arashi is the top selling artist of the year. They had the #1 single, the #1 album, the #1 music DVD, and were #1 for the first time in artist total sales. In the 42 years of Oricon's history, no one else has topped all four categories in the same year.

Counting sales of singles, albums, music DVDs, and music Blu-ray Discs, Arashi grossed a total of more than 14.46 billion yen.

In single sales, Arashi had the #1, #2, #3, and #5 releases, with "Believe / Kumori Nochi, Kaisei" in front at nearly 657,000 units sold. The only other artists to occupy the top three spots were Pink Lady in 1978 and Hikaru Genji in 1988. Arashi are the first to have four of the top five, as well as the first to hold the top two spots in back-to-back years.

Their "All the BEST! 1999-2009" album sold over 1.43 million copies. In DVD sales, they were #1 and #2 with "5x10 All the BEST! CLIPS 1999-2009" (591,000) and "ARASHI AROUND ASIA 2008 in TOKYO" (428,000).

How much more AWESOME can you get! ^O^
I am looking forward to 2010!

We make STORM!

♥ Nino & Sho ♥ 10:46
Saturday, 28 November 2009

It's my favourite season again!
Getting all snowy and christmasy! ^O^

And this year's, I get to go to Tokyo! Finally I am getting the feel of a cold Christmas, or rather a real white Christmas! Thanks to Arashi, indeed! xDDDDD
I will be leaving in another 7 days time??? Anyway, it's on the 4th December. I will be leaving again! Some of my colleagues who went and came back says it's real cold in Tokyo now. =) But I am definitely looking forward to my Arashi's 5x10 Tokyo Dome Concert on the 6th December.
So here is my ticket to Arashi's Concert!!! *** hyperventilating! ***
Seatings is at Gate 33, Row 1!!!! Row 1!!!! No one is gonna block my view!

And I have got my Arashi FC Photo Pouch... limited to the FC members only!
I am not in their FC since I do not have a Japan address, so I bought it off Yahoo JP Auctions. =)
It's nice, the packaging! But Johnny san, the Photo Pouch is 小ちゃいね!

I went to Orchard Road last night since my mummy came out to Singapore and fetch me after work. First time to Orchard Ion. lolx. All the tip top expensive brands can all be found there, LV, PRADA, CHANEL, MIU MIU, YSL, you name it, they got it...
A very luxurious shopping building indeed!
On my virgin visit to Orchard Ion, I splurge S$600 on a PRADA long wallet. >.<"
これがやばいですね! 今, わたしわお金が要る!!!

♥ Nino & Sho ♥ 10:16

Pop Princess

♥ Agnes Tang ♥
Her new LOVE : ARASHI!!!!
She LOVES Chocolates but can't eat too much
She is CRAZY over The Click Five
She doesnt love Lun anymore!
She is learning Japanese now!

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